Jumat, 02 April 2010

History Of EDSA

Background of the AEDS STKIP Muhammadiyah Bogor.
Based on the results board meeting in Bogor STKIP then formed the Association of English Department of Muhammadiyah STKIP Bogor, which was established on March 30, 2010 based on the results of consultation with the way voting is conducted in a democratic manner so that the chosen initial formation namely:
Saepulloh Nur as chairman, Rio Fachrurozi as vice-chairman, Ahmad as secretary, and Cucum as Treasurer.

Association of English Department of STKIP Muhammadiyah Bogor is an organization under the Student Executive Board which aims to accommodate all the activities that will be implemented to meet the needs of its students in developing the ability to speak English in addition students can also give us an idea which will be followed up with further so Thus all of the programs to be implemented properly can be realized.

The objective of this blog is as a bridge for students to provide information about any program to be conducted by the Association of English Department of Muhammadiyah Bogor STKIP thus mahasiswa dapat know the various kinds of information unhindered by space and time and students can access any of his at home. in offices, schools and anywhere that has internet network it is also a student can submit an idea or an idea through a comment that has been provided in this blog.

Writen By Saepulloh Nur